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A robust and healthy self-esteem is the bedrock of our whole personality. No other quality effects as many aspects of our life and determines our success in such a broad variety of areas. Accordingly, low self-esteem inhibits us tremendously. It blocks the road to a happy and fulfilling life. But what is quite often neglected by psychotherapists or in self-help books is the actual experience of low self-esteem, which is, irrespective of the consequences it entails, burdensome and devastating in itself.


Natural Self Esteem will not only provide practices and exercises to reclaim your true self-worth, the innate worth of your Natural Self, but help you to moderate the actual low self-esteem experience. By attacking the 'enemy', your low self-esteem, from various sides, Natural Self Esteem is probably the fastest and at the same time profoundest approach to overcome low self-esteem. Learn more about the book or subscribe to the Natural Self Esteem Blog to get an regular update about self-esteem and self-confidence. You are pressed for time? Benefit from MyMondayTip, which is part of the Natural Self Esteem Blog.

Benefit from this new, integrative solution to overcome low self-esteem

Integrative: The various modules in this book are interrelated and reinforce each other. In this way you can benefit from the so-called synergy-effect: the modules function together and produce results that are otherwise not obtainable. Thus, the speed, potency, and effectiveness of change is increased.

Comprehensive: Other than most books about self-esteem, this book does not limit itself to working with thoughts and beliefs but also includes the insights of depth psychology. The re-integration of suppressed qualities is of the essence if a stable and robust self-esteem is to be achieved. Additionally, supporting and accelerating modules include exercises and practices from various areas, such as mindfulness, compassion, releasing emotions, or goals in service of self-esteem.

Change-inducing: This book is especially designed to expedite the change process. A whole module addresses change itself by assembling the latest insights of neuroscience and behavioral psychology. A navigable change-manual let you select the relevant exercise or practice and enables the utilization 'on the spot'. And finally, short, one-minute-exercises, which can be applied 'on the go', make use of otherwise unproductive time.

Sustainable transformation: Setbacks, normal in any transformation, are used to quicken the process of change with the help of a bounce-back work-sheet. And sustainability is secured by establishing long-term practices and automatizing the execution of exercises.

Cutting-edge knowledge: Natural Self Esteem is based on the latest advancements in psychology and psychotherapy, like the third generation of cognitive-behavioral therapy, integrative approaches, or the developments in neuroscience of the last decade.

Making use of your true self: The realization of the true self has always been at the center of traditional eastern spirituality. More and more the value of directly accessing and making use of the self that you really are is recognized by modern psychology. The realization of what I call your Natural Self let you profoundly experience your inherent self-worth. This worth, your Natural Self Esteem, is undiminished, unharmed, and unconditional. Without having to 'build' or to 'raise' self-esteem, you can draw on the self-esteem that is already in your possession.

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